Sick again? Maybe it’s time for an immunity review.

Could you be doing more to help your immune system?

Not sure? Check in with this Simple Immunity Review.

It’s flu season, but no one has to tell our immune systems. Everyday our antibodies, the little foot soldiers who encounter a relentless bombardment of pathogens and bacteria, fight and win against a constant rotation of invaders, most times without us even knowing.

There is a lot that happens on the cellular battle ground on any given day. Foreign invaders, including parasites, bacteria and a multitude of viruses are just waiting for us to touch elevator floor buttons or door handles, or to forget to wash our hands or pick up an abandoned newspaper on the subway.

As the body’s gate keeper, our immune system plays a critical role in keeping antigens at bay. In fact, without it, human life wouldn’t survive 15 minutes inside earth’s living and biologically “messy” environment. Relying on our immune systems to keep us well in this time of new virus strains, isn’t the smartest strategy, and there is a lot more we can and should be doing to help diminish the onslaught of pathogens from the outside and strengthen our immunity from within.

“Borrowed immunity” only lasts so long and isn’t effective against new virus strains.

What is immunity?

We regularly talk about immunity like it’s a singular structure, but actually it is three. From the minute we are born, our bodies protect us with an in-built, or an innate immunity. As we grow, our bodies come into contact with antigens, or any substance that can spark an immune response, and we begin to build our own unique adaptive immunity, which continues to take shape through the course of our lives as we are introduced and reintroduced to different pathogens. We also fight pathogens through borrowed immunity from places like medicine, or from our mothers during breastfeeding, but these are not permanent protections and fade when the “immunity loan” stops. So, by the time we reach adult-hood, each human has built their own unique immunity fortress.

What are we doing to boost our immune systems from this inside-out?

The immune system is precisely that, a system, not a single function and it depends upon the health of the other systems in the body to deliver. When the body as a whole is out of balance, our immunity is invariably compromised. Good health practices, for example, have a positive impact on the system of immunity through the bolstering of the surrounding structures in the body.

We’ve all heard the phrase “underlying conditions” and many times an illness, the flu or other is made worse because of underlying conditions. It simply means, a person who has a condition that weakens one or two of the systems in their body, will have a much harder time if they contract a virus or a bacterial infection. The body’s immunity is suddenly split up and the “underlying condition” becomes compromised.

Reducing stress, moderate exercise, eating well, getting enough sleep, controlled intake of alcohol and refraining from smoking or drugs go a long way to supporting immunity-but that’s just the beginning.

Take active steps to avoid pathogens, such as washing your hands, using sanitizer and avoiding hospitals or crowded places during flu season.

Support immunity from the outside-in.

Reducing the likelihood of contracting an infection in the first place is one the keys to staying well. Although, that is never as simple as it sounds because viruses or bacteria are indiscriminate, and no one can avoid every infected airborne molecule, but there are plenty of measures we can and should take to greatly reduce our risks while bolstering our own immune system.

How many of the following do you do?


Get vaccinated, and make sure your kids are too.

Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, especially after sneezing and coughing or touching suspect surfaces.

Stay home if you are sick (avoid spreading the illness to other people).

Use a tissue, or cough and sneeze into your sleeve, not your hand.

Wash your hands after coughing, sneezing or using tissues.

Clean children’s toys regularly, especially if they are sharing with friends.

Do not touch your eyes or someone else’s, nose or mouth with unclean hands.

Do not share cups, dishes or cutlery.

Sleep. Sleeping is when the body repairs itself, so keeping a solid sleep-schedule is crucial to staying well.

Supplementing immunity.

We’ve all heard that increasing our vitamin C intake before a flight, or a B spectrum supplement, works wonders to bolster our core immune system. Supplementing helps our bodies at the cellular level, but there are a number of highly effective natural remedies that can help, you just have to know where to look.

Consider adding a proprietary blend immune booster, as a backup, ideal for travelers and people who frequent crowded places.

#Immune Booster supplements are designed to naturally and powerfully lift the immune system. A good quality immune booster controls t-helper cells 1 and 2, and regulates the body’s immune responses. Regular intake of a quality immune boosting supplement should contain powerful antivirals and anti-inflammatories like Astragalus and Acai Berry plants, which have been highly effective as free-radical scavengers, working harmoniously with the natural biochemistry of the body to support a healthy immune system.

No amount of preparation will guarantee and illness-free existence, but by including a few simple steps in your daily routine when flu season strikes may find you sailing through Winter unscathed, and ready to enjoy the warmer, healthier days ahead.



We are committed to proving health related information to the every day consumer

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We are committed to proving health related information to the every day consumer