Shopping today, compared with when I shopped with my mother, has lost something valuable, but what?

I bought blueberries yesterday. I had two options, I could either pay three-fifty a pack or I could buy two packs for a fiver. I went for the deal.

I love blueberries. As an American, growing up in the Northeast, by late summer I could eat nothing but blueberries some days. Road side produce stands sold their fresh-picked quarts and half-quarts, brimming with fat, coin-sized berries. Added to the canvass, endless rows of shiny local red delicious apples, yellow Bartlett pears, purple, fist-sized plums and orange early pumpkins — a vivid early autumn feast for the eyes.

So was the…

Millions of Americans go without the recommended amount of sleep every night, short-changing their immune system and playing Russian Roulette with their health.

We all get tired. After a hard day of work, a stressful period in our lives, or a lot of physical activity, our body needs rest. In our younger years, we probably didn’t think about sleep, night came, we fell asleep and our bodies did the necessary work of repair — end of story. But as we age, things get a bit more complicated, poor sleep patterns that have gone unchecked for years can and often do remap our natural sleep cycle, compromising our immune system and ultimately our health.

At any age, our bodies perform miracles in self-repair with…

Popcorn has more culture than nutritional value.

How popcorn became the snack giant of the 20th century, even though it became the worst thing for us to eat.

Popcorn. Even the name is fun to say, popcorn. The minute you think of eating a bowl of hot popcorn a few things instantly come to mind — butter for one, movie night, snack, summer carnivals and unfortunately, topping the list in marketing surveys over the last 15 years — microwave.

A brief history

The history of popcorn eaten as a snack in the US is vague prior to the 1800’s. There are a number of myths surrounding popcorn as part of the pilgrim’s Thanksgiving dinner, which have been debunked, according to the History Channel as the type of corn the the settlers…

It may come as a surprise to learn happy people have better skin.

Poor health usually shows up first on the skin. It’s true. The skin, our largest organ in the human body — or actually on the human body, wears stress, depression and illness like a bad suit, hanging off of us, off-color, and for everyone to see.

If you’ve ever noticed, people will ask “how are you feeling?” well before you begin to show symptoms of any illness? That’s simply due to our skin mirroring what’s going on inside the body. Have a fever? You probably have a rash. Suffering a common cold? Your face might look blotchy. Exhausted? Beware of…

Taking up running is the top fitness resolution consistently every new year.

Every new year millions of people make a health resolution of some kind, invariably setting a fitness goal is one of them — running or jogging year in and year out tops the list of activities we most like to see ourselves taking up.

To non-runners, running is the athletic holy grail. We watch in awe and admiration as our super-fit friends post their marathon and ironman selfies on social media in the hopes of one day becoming part of their elusive, euphoric world.

Aside from having a serious medical obstacle like a pre-existing condition or a foot injury, running…

The sparkling personality of the little cranberry makes this versatile fruit the star of the show this Christmas.

Cranberries are a group of evergreen dwarf shrubs or trailing vines, a small, rather hard, tart red berry, usually grown in colder climates in the US and Great Brittan, have been used to make the obligatory compliment to turkey for our holiday tables for years.

Recently, though, cranberries have gone through a sort of foodie Renaissance and their health benefits have shoved them front and center into the austere list of “super foods,” and for very good reason.

Medical News Today reports that many people consider cranberries to be a superfood due to their high nutrient and antioxidant content. In…

The humble Brussel Sprout packs a powerful punch in health benefits you should know about.

Every year around Christmas we begin to see an odd little vegetable sprout up in our local grocer’s and farmer’s markets. Amongst the oranges, cranberries, chestnuts and other typical winter-harvested produce, we’ve come to expect to find the little Brussel Sprout in and amongst them.

As a hardy, biannually harvested vegetable, Brussel Sprouts are a staple on the holiday table. More recently though this hard, green sprout has become popular again, and found more and more in restaurants throughout the year, thanks to the culinary world taking a second-look at its versatile and robust character.

The same plant that delivers…

Something as simple as a smile can boost your immune system.

Smile and the world smiles with you.. as the old saying goes, implies that smiling can be infectious, and if you smile others will too. Old adages tend to be anchored in truth, the mere act of smiling spurs a powerful chemical reaction in the brain that can make you feel happier.

According to a report on NBC News, smiling can trick the brain into a real state of happiness and science has shown that smiling can lift a person’s mood, lower their stress levels, boost the immune system and possibly even prolong life.

Two happiness hormones, Dopamine and Serotonin…

Carrying around extra weight does more damage to the body than you may know.

Gaining weight is a normal phenomenon that our bodies are able to deal with — on a short-term basis, and on a small scale. The body has fail-safe structures in place to deal with the extra cells we make during periods of weight gain and the knock-on effects of increased pressures on all the systems in the body. Temporary weight gain is normal and although annoying, we are equipped to cope with that occasional weekend of over-eating or the extra weight gained due to pregnancy.

Long-term and chronic weight issues are an entirely different story.

Modern lifestyles have become more…

Cinnamon packs a powerful flavor punch while delivering real medicinal nutrition to the body.

Winter is rolling in and with it comes the foods of the holidays. Rich flavors and bold aromas fill the kitchen once again, and seasonal spices become central to our cooking.

One such spice is cinnamon, a favorite of modern holiday cooking and a treasured ingredient throughout history, dating back as far as ancient Egypt. …


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